er is designed to provide a comprehensive, yet concise, roadmap through the requirements and responsibilities imposed on hospitals and emergency room personnel by the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act, commonly known as EMTALA. provides analysis of the requirements for emergency room care under EMTALA, as well as analysis and case citations for ancillary issues that could arise in any litigation or act as possible defenses to a claim. also provides summaries for dozens of leading Federal Circuit and District Court cases to ease the burden of legal research under a frequently litigated statute. Frequently misunderstood as applicable only to indigent patients, EMTALA standards apply to anyone seeking care in a hospital emergency department. Among other things, the EMTALA statute is frequently plead as an independent basis of liability for a hospitals failure to have and follow a “standard medical emergency examination” for particular patient presentation, in addition to a separate but related medical malpractice claim against an emergency medicine physician.